A Fringe Story of the Tamed and Wild Each house resembled a similar cut-out, like the village of a paper doll. One dimensional in thoughtless form, lacking any character. An array of new red brick and beige siding with dark blue doors hid the tenants and unwelcoming to any visitor. Life only poured out through […]

Cultivating Inner Perspective

Soulful Cultivation Series Cultivating Inner Perspective : the Power of Self Awareness and Reflection “Awareness provides the solution to every human problem that has a solution.” – Bill Harris Have you ever found yourself harden after a certain incident or interaction? This reactiveness (rather than responsiveness) creates a domino effect of unmindful repetition and negative energy along our life path. What […]

Snow White

Fiction Gazing out the large panes into the white, she could practically smell the snow through the glass. Gliding softly over the creaky clapboards, she opened the solid wooden door to stand between two worlds. The outside elements whipping across slivers of her exposed pale freckled skin. The warmth from the inside world providing a safety net […]