“La Femme” Inspired Reading List for Finding Balance in Your Creative Journey

Spring is all about awakening and growth, for the Earth and for us humans. Literature is a way to fill our creative cup until it is overflowing. Stories inspire by connecting us with our imaginations, even when we are in the thralls of our daily lives. The writings of these badass women will stir the insides of your heart, mind, and spirit revealing deeper yearnings for you to cultivate this season and the graceful means to balance them as you navigate your creative journey.

Women Who Run with the Wolves

by Clarissa Pinkola Estes

For those seeking feminine soul work, Estes book is there to support women in reconnecting with our intrinsic nature. We women are a powerful force to be reckoned with and must retrieve ourselves. Centering around the Wild Woman archetype, this fierce female vibrates within all of us – a balance of magic and medicine. Estes explores this wisdom and path of intuition by tapping into the ancient power of stories, myths, and fairytales. Keep this one bedside.


M Train

by Patti Smith

Smith’s memoir reminds us of the need to seek out a balance of joyful adventure and thoughtful reflection in our life’s journey. Ever so poetic in her prose, Smith takes the reader on a journey through a lifetime of her notebook-worthy musings. From tiny establishments that serve as her creative havens to more soul-inspiring esoteric destinations, readers will float through Smith’s vivid memories and artistic mind. Her writings are in part from the realm of dreams commingled with more grounded recollections, making you want to carry around a notebook wherever you go (in fact, I do).


Big Magic

by Elizabeth Gilbert

So many of us ache to live creative lives and yet face some kind of obstacle. Most of the time, these blockages are self-imposed and stem from a place of fear. Enter Liz Gilbert’s book, where pages pour out a balance of pragmatic and soul-inspiring morsels in the journey to embracing creativity. She calls out those thoughts of doubt we keep in secret and gives us valuable perspective in transforming attitudes, approaches, and habits to shift the dynamics in favor of curiosity and manifesting our truth.


You Have 4 Minutes to Changes Your Life

by Rebekah Borucki

Rebekah, or “Bex” as she is commonly known among her tribe, breaks it down for all of us feeling the weight of life. Her daily mantras, meditations, and affirmations have transformed into a kickass wellness movement and community. She gets that it must be simple and inspirational for women to make space for it in our busy lives. Bex knows – she’s a mama to five kiddos and lives on a homestead (with animals and lots of plants) – and practices and preaches on the type of balance that leaves you feeling seen and encouraged. Her new book seeks to support you in a journey of deep, meaningful, and lasting healing through 4-minute daily meditation practices. You can also follow her @bexlife on Instagram for more juicy tidbits.


The Woman Warrior

by Maxine Hong Kingston

Original and fierce short story memoirs of growing up female in a Chinese-American immigrant family. Kingston’s stories evoke visceral responses in the reader, her words bear the yearning of ghosts and flesh alike. The raw manner of her storytelling weaves dream-like sequences in balance with the fractured moments of the cycle of life. A series of unique reflections of the burdens imposed on and the strengths embodied by the legacy of the female gender.

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