Outfitting Our Own Identity

The Identity Series

Identity can be a trickster of many costumes.

We are not born to wear only one identity and yet there is a distinct difference between weaving threads of our truth and donning a cheap fabrication, one that is not “us” – and one that is destined to unravel.

There are the uniforms : the ones we wear to appear as the person others perceive us to be or who we tell ourselves we are obligated to be. These outfits allow us to conform to societal norms. But deep down we know we are only wearing a mask, keeping our true selves unrecognizable.

The authentic attire of our true self is indeed uniquely different from others.

Emerging from youths spent in specific environmental moldings, many of our initial identities are outfitted by fabrics made from others’ perceptions. At this stage, we don’t know any better…yet.

As we choose a path towards thriving, we become radically responsible to choose something that truly represents our own identity.

How do we distinguish what we should be wearing?

We create our own pattern.

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