Spirit of Place

Places, like people, have spirits. Each destination holds its own stories, so when you combine a certain person with a particular place, an authentic narrative is birthed. When one travels, in mind or in body, a unique memory is captured as we seek to experience a sense of that place, hold it for ourselves, and perhaps even share it with others. The compilation of these memories become our own personal journey.

In a not-so-distant former life, my career in humanitarian and development work brought me to many different countries. The voices and stories witnessed embodied authenticity; demonstrations of resilience among extreme poverty and conflict. Listening to the voices and stories of these communities was a way for me to honor the time spent with them and the spirit of their locale — its genius loci. Remembering these narratives is not only important, it is powerful. Our own voices and our own stories are important — and powerful.

As I met with this diversity of cultures and individuals, one underlying theme was recurring — no two people nor two places had the same story nor the same journey. Perspective is what defines us, what makes us different in the path we choose and embody. These individual contributions build the distinctive character of a place, creating the atmosphere of your destination.

Each of our journeys is a compendium of narratives, the rough and the beautiful, they are our own. My new journey starts in Asheville, North Carolina, nestled in the Western part between the Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains. In this place, I invite you to delve into my stories of people and places as I explore this community and elsewhere.

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